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Born in 1991, lives and works in Paris.

Clément Denis, two first names for a patronym… There are things like this that you can’t control.

Having a double first name for a patronym seems to be the type of things that will make your life original.

From his childhood spent between Noirmoutier and the Loire Valley, he has learnt a crucial lesson : everything has to be organized in a  rigorous and elegant way, both in the human relationships and in the finalization of the vision which presides over any creative gesture. Convinced of this philosophy, he pursues a training at l’Ecole Pivaut and Les Ateliers de Sèvres. Student at the Fine Arts School of Paris (ENSBA PARIS), he initiates a reflexion on materiality, and already shows up a deep interest on themes such as exile and stigmas.

After various exhibitions,  including a participation at YIA Art Fair Brussels and a collective exhibition at Chenaux Gallery, this fearless dreamer sets up L’Officine, an artistic and pluridisciplinary collective and organizes cultural events and litterary salons in Paris and elsewhere.

His next challenge : creating a multisensorial exhibition in which his paintings will not only be wtached but also smelt, hence his long term collaboration with the perfumers Christophe Laudamiel and Ugo Charron.

Selected works

Homo Cataracta

Clément Denis
Homo Cataracta

Acrylic on paper
115×312 cm


Artist news

Ola Dele Kuku
— Nigerian Pavilion – La Biennale di Venezia 2016

Ola-Dele Kuku (architect – artist)
15th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia 2016

Ola Dele Kuku

Diminished Capacity embraces an analytical approach that confronts complex issues such as resource depletion, migration, and micro and macro global changes.
9th June 2016

Ola Dele Kuku

A Venise les arts éclairent l’architecture
10th June 2016


Ola Dele Kuku
— Speaking in Vernacular