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Dialogue of the continents

With « Continent » LMS Gallery inaugurates its new space in the heart of Brussels.  From Avenue Louise to the Place du Châtelain.  A great window open onto the world and those that inhabit it.

It is to this that the group-show Continent invites us.  It calls on us to embark on an adventure to the continents of our planet, and to virtual continents, the continents of other worlds light-years away from our Earth.

The totem of the worlds

Hervé Dirosa has always travelled the continents, so as to find out how images are created, elsewhere.  The continents are his sources.

The totem of the worlds, a sculpture in bronze, is his comical vision of our universe : a column of continents in unstable equilibrium.

Cartography of the exodus

For Clément Denis, the world is an exodus of faces in movement.  The multiplication of these heads recomposes the mixture of the populations :  « Painting is for me a passage between life before and life afterwards » .  Between life here and life elsewhere.

Africa is not a country 

For Ola-Dele Kuku, being together, the source of all mutation, is the motor of humanity.  By writing in neon « Africa is not a country », he lays claim to the natural frontiers which surpass the cultural frontiers.  Africa is not a country, it is the continent of origins.

Dream continents

For Joanie Lemercier, the Continents are virtual.  He plays with our vision : the landscapes are there, mountains, volcanos, forests, complex graphical figures.  The creator enhances reality, and the continent becomes lightscape, a landscape of light.


With Miguel Chevalier, we live perpetual variations, infinite connections and a growing proximity between cities and individuals.  « I bond with nature by taking my inspiration from the vital life processes of growth and transformation.  The virtual imposes itself in the world. »

Space Project

Vincent Fournier’s expedition is very real, the opposite of an imaginary voyage.  Launched into the conquest of space, he steps onto continents outside our planet.  His Space Project personifies the extension of man outside the Earth. 

The footprint of the Earth

Living satellite, eye perched in the sky, Yann Artus-Bertrand gravitates around all the Continents.  His photographic work restores to us OU gives  us back the art of the Earth.

The eyes of the world

The Ghanaian Kwame Akoto, alias Almighty God, renown pastor and healer, singular work situated on the borderline of popular painting.  His work reflects his beliefs, in a very colourful syncretism.  A spiritual vision of the continents, he writes that« The eyes of God are everywhere and He sees good and evil ». The eyes of the artist see that which others do not.

Politics of the continents

Vivam Sundaram’s eyes are prisms.  His works explore our world and bring it into his canvases.  Here he presents Two Towers : twin towers, twin zygosity, reflection on the face to face of cultures and continents.

It is to that which Continent invites us : move beyond ourselves, bring nearer that which is far away, sow seeds in our bodies and our minds.

Selected works

The eyes of the Lord

Kwame Akoto, Almighty God
The eyes of the Lord

Acrylique sur toile
50 x 73 cm