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Earth is Art — February 3rd – April 27th 2017
The drawing of Earth

This Earth seen from afar is a sleeping planet, paradoxical, immense and fragile.  A disturbing sight : this time, the lens has become a paintbrush.  The photographer has been transformed into a painter, the photo has become a drawing.

But if it’s a drawing, who drew these lines, who mixed these colors ?  Arthus-Bertrand ?  The Earth ?  The two together : a minute man, a living satellite, perched up high in the sky, and his planet which is revolving in space.

The power of the images expresses itself gently.  The subtlety of the lines envelops the translucide colors.  The photographic paper is impregnated with this force and this fragility.  The terrestrial folds and arabesques open out like the pleats and folds of a gigantic bed : our cradle, the Earth.

These (very) graphic photos give life to forms which are in turn stripped bare, complex or luminously ample.  They reveal to us the art which is at the heart of the Earth.  The English language puts this into words : Earth is Art.  And Arthus-Bertrand looks at this Earth with all the art that his name has come to imply.

These bromide prints in their white wooden frames, proposed in three formats, eminently accessible, do not take your breath away.  They go a lot further : they speak to you silently, they enchant and they sooth.

Like our Earth.

Selected works

Lakagigar Volcano Chain

Lakagigar Volcano Chain,
Iceland (64°07’ N, 18°14’ W).
Original Edition Signed

Wooden frame under glass